Aunt Jo’s Rice Table Barge

Aunt Jo’s rice table barge
On Katendrecht, the peninsula in the port of Rotterdam, where Uncle Aad’s Pub boat has its permanent berth, lived the largest Chinese community in Europe. The Chinese lived there together with the rough dock workers, pimps and whores. There were many Chinese restaurants on Katendrecht. The arrival of the Dutch Indies and ‘our boys’ from the Dutch East who had become accustomed to spicy food created the Chinese-Indian restaurant. The Chinese started to focus on the Indian kitchen and made the spicy cuisine accessible to Dutch tastes.

Uncle Aad’s Pub boat stays with aunt Jo’s rice table in the atmosphere of the former Katendrecht. While enjoying the delicious Chinese-Indian dishes the Pub boat sails east turning around at football stadium the Kuip of Feyenoord. From there, we steam to the west, while guests enjoy the view of the excellent sky scrapers and the old city harbors. To the west of the city centre the Pub boat calls at the active ports, like the Waal harbor and the Merwe harbor, with their impressive large sea-going vessels.

The following dishes are being served:
- 3 meat dishes
- 3 vegetable dishes
- Rempah bal and sambal goreng egg
- 1 skewer satay
- 3 nasi and bami dishes
- Kroepoek
- Cassava
- Atjar Tjampoer and ketimum
- Sambal

Addition for €5,- per person:
- 1 extra meat dish
- Kentang
- Bawang goreng
- Banana chips, rempeyek and emping blado
- Seroendeng
- Bacon cake

Standard drink package
>White and red house wine
>Oranjeboom beer, Radler, Applecider
>Cola, Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Cassis, Bitterlemon, Tonic, stil land sparkling water
>Young gin

Luxurious drink package, addition €3,00 per person for the whole group
>White wine: Fleurant Trocken
>Beer: Weißen, IPA, Stout
>Ice tea regular, Ice tea green, Apple juice, Orange juice
>Boaters bitter (‘schippersbitter’), old gin

Minimum number of participants:
25 people

1 and 1,5 hours on request
2 hours €62,00 p.p.
2,5 hours €67,00 p.p.
3 hours €72,00 p.p.
3,5 hours €77,00 p.p.
4 hours €86,00 p.p.
5 hours or more on request

Optional to book:
Extra dishes € 5.00 p.p.

Group Discount
More than 40 pers € 3,00 p.p.
More than 60 pers € 4,50 p.p.

> Rent Pubboat
> Unlimited beer, wine, soda and spa blue/red
> Aunt Jo's Rice table

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