Cape Art Route

The first edition of the Cape Art Route takes place on Katendrecht in the weekend of Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January 2020. During this weekend you will see works by more than twenty artists, performances will be given and you can participate in various workshops at eighteen locations. Admission is free and the program is suitable for all ages. The initiative was born from the desire to promote a connection between residents in Katendrecht, a neighborhood in development. You are very welcome on our pubboat because we sail all day!

Want to warm up after a long walk?
On board you get the option to order hot chocolate or Gluwein.

After Art Drink

After the Art Route there are two After Art drinks organized where you get the chance to sail with us for the lowest price to the Seaports of Rotterdam. A completely different experience than the short 20 minutes. For only € 27.50 per person you can enjoy this spectacular tour.

On board you will have acces to unlimited beer, wine, soda and spa blue / red. In addition, we will have cheese and sausage platters on the tables and fried snacks will be served.

You do not want to miss this!

Free Program

Saturday January 11th
14:00 - Departure SS Rotterdam
14.20 - Departure Hotel New York
14.50 - Departure SS Rotterdam
15.10 - Departure Hotel New York
15.40 - Departure SS Rotterdam
16.00 - Departure Hotel New York
16.30 - Departure SS Rotterdam
16.50 - Arrival and disembarkation of last visitors at HNY

Sunday January 12th
11.00 - Departure SS Rotterdam
11.20 - Departure Hotel New York
11.50 - Departure SS Rotterdam
12.10 - Departure Hotel New York
12.40 - Departure SS Rotterdam
13.00 - Departure Hotel New York
13.30 - Departure SS Rotterdam
13.50 - Departure Hotel New York
14.20 - Departure SS Rotterdam
14.40 - Departure Hotel New York
15.10 - Arrival and departure of last visitors at SS Rotterdam

After Art Drink € 27.50 per person

Saturday, January 11th
17.30 - Start After Art Drink on the Paul Nijghkade!
19.00 - End of After Art Drink

Sunday January 12th
16.00 - Start After Art Drink at the SS Rotterdam
17.30 - End of After Art Drink

Minimum number of participants
From 1 person

Prize during the art route

Price After Art Drink
€ 27.50 p.p.

Optional during the free tours
Hot Chocolate €4,- ( + whipped cream €0,50)
Gluwein €3,50

Included during the After Art Drink
Rent Pubboat 1.5 hours
Unlimited beer, wine, soda and spa blue / red
Cheese and sausage platters
Traditional Dutch 'Bitterballen'
Fried snacks

Deel met je vrienden...