Current tours during Covid-19

We are sailing again!

Welcome back to the Borrelboot Rotterdam!
We are ready to sail again and look forward to celebrating this with you!

The tours are specially adapted for this situation, but just as enjoyable as you are used from us.
You are welcome from 15 to a maximum of 30 people . Are you with less than 15 people?
Call or email us for the possibilities.

These trips will be sailed as long as the pandemic continues. Do you want to book a party with us next year? For more information, see 'Groups'.

Uncle Aads Pubcruise:

The most enjoyable cruise through Rotterdam at Ome Aad!
The tour starts on the north bank at Leuvenhoofd and takes you along the banks of the Nieuwe Maas to the east. At the Kuip of Feyenoord we turn and navigate through the city center with its formidable ports of Rotterdam, such as the Waalhaven and the Merwehaven. In these harbors, you will enjoy your drink while we sail close to the large sea ships.

We have various tours, such as our Lunch Boat with delicious bread from the bakery workshop, the BBQ Boat, or enjoy a dance on the Maas.

During the tour, we play cozy pub music and party.

All tours include drinks, snacks and VAT as described. So no surprises.

You can make a reservation online. Are you with a group larger than 15 people or do you want to pay for a smaller group for 15 people? Check out the current corona proof group packages.

Deel met je vrienden...