Group Cruises

Those who want to take the Spido during a group outing in Rotterdam should get on board Uncle Aad’s pubboat for a fun tour through the ports. The pubboat from Uncle Aad is the only sailing brown pub in Rotterdam where everything is included.

Get on and off
The pubboat can moor at many places in Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Maassluis, Oud Beijerland and Dordrecht. Tell us where you are from, and we will advise you on the best boarding place. If your guests all arrive by car, we will advise you where your guests can park for free.

What does the pubboat have to offer:
Our pubboat is a 32 meter long and 5 meter wide ship.

On the front deck you will find a nicely decorated room with a cozy heater, benches and high tables with bar stools. A real brown pub where 75 people can easily have a drink and a party. Downstairs in the front where about 35 people can enjoy a meal at large tables, is also a bar. As all drinks are always included, your can grab a drink upstairs and downstairs.

The large deck that sits low to the water provides a very intimate atmosphere. It is spacious enough for 75 people to have a drink or a party in the summer.

Those who really want to look around, can go to the upper deck. There is room for around 20 people.
In short, a cozy brown pub on the water where you can pick up old stories with friends. Guaranteed a success!

Custom catering

Because Uncle Aad always offers complete packages that fit the pubboat, we think we have enough to offer. However, if you have any wishes, you can always contact us. A BBQ with lobster or oysters during drinks, which amazing thing will you have us do?

Maximum capacity:
75 people

Prices vary from € 24,50 till € 125,- p.p.

Group Discount
We use various group discounts for groups larger than 40. The discounts are stated by all packages.

The pubboat always offers complete packages. That means that we do not rent the boat separately for just a cruise. There is always a drink and a snack.
What you can expect is stated on the website.

Deel met je vrienden...