Karaoke, RIB-Experience, cruise with BBQ

Karaoke, RIB-Experience, cruise with BBQ
Do you want to make a nice harbor tour on Uncle Aad’s Pub boat, while the daring take part in a smashing challenge on the water and others prepare fort heir ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ on stage? Then choose this package, which is concluded with a delicious BBQ on board of the Pub boat.

Whilst the boat trip on the Pub boat, a RIB moors alongside to pick up a group of 8 to 12 people for a spectacular ride on the Nieuwe Maas river. During this exciting trip, you will sail up to 85 km/h, while the other guests will watch en enjoy their first drink. Guests who do not want to join the RIB do not pay fort he RIB. So there is something for everyone on board – calm sailors and speed devils.
Then Aunt Nel provides a crackling karaoke show on board. She ensures that everyone participates. Dressed up items are ready fort he upcoming artists and everyone can prepare for his or her ‘fifteen minutes of fame’!
The BBW is the activity to recover from all the commotion. The adrenaline of sailing with the RIBs and the performance can calm down while enjoying a delicious BBQ. We can also provide vegetarian products.

16:00: boarding on the Pub boat.
A RIB comes alongside in the first hour to let everyone who wants to experience a spectacular ride.
17:00: commencement Karaoke show.
18:30: start of the BBQ.
± 20:00: progress of the party.
21:00: we end up again at the boarding location or other place where the guests want to get off

NOTE: The RIB-Experience boats have to be back in the harbour before sundown. Please contact us for the possible departure time.

Ingredients BBQ:
>2 portions of satay
>Beef burger
>Marinated filet steak
>BBQ sausage
>Traditionally prepared potato-, meat- and vegetable salad
>Herb butter
>Various sauces

Standard drink package
>White and red house wine
>Oranjeboom beer, Radler, Applecider
>Cola, Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Cassis, Bitterlemon, Tonic, stil land sparkling water
>Young gin

Luxurious drink package, addition €3,00 per person for the whole group
>White wine: Fleurant Trocken
>Beer: Weißen, IPA, Stout
>Ice tea regular, Ice tea green, Apple juice, Orange juice
>Boaters bitter (‘schippersbitter’), old gin

Minimum number of participants:
30 people

4 hours € 110,- p.p.

Group Discount
More than 40 people € 3,50 p.p.
More than 50 people € 5,50 p.p.
More than 60 people € 7,00 p.p.

You only pay for participants in the RIB experience who have sailed with the RIB
Discount for NOT participants RIB experience € 22.50 p.p.

> Rent Pubboat 5 hours
> RIB experience
> Karaoke show
> Unlimited beer, wine, soda, spa red/blue

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