The Big Sandwiches Lunch

The Big sandwiches lunch
Enjoy the delicious culinary Big sandwiches lunch aboard Uncle Aad’s Pub boat. The bread comes from the Bakkerswerkplaats, where talented people work who do not come along in a normal, busy environment. The bread is baked with fresh yeast and locally grown sourdough cultures.
While the sandwiches with meat, cheese and vegetarian variants are eaten, the Pub boat sails east to football stadium the Kuip of Feyenoord. There we turn and navigate through the city centre with her gigantic sky scrapers to the active Rotterdam harbors, like the Waal harbor and the Merwe harbor. In these working ports we sail closely by the huge sea-going vessels, while you are enjoying your well deserved drink.

The Big sandwiches lunch consists of the following fillings:
>Parma ham / cheese / egg / lettuce
>Tuna salad / asperage sprouts / arugula
>Truffle Salami / parmesan/ arugula
>Curry egg salad / lettuce / garlic sprouts
>Goat cheese / honey / arugula
>Mozzarella / sun dried tomato / pesto
>Hummus / grilled vegetables
>Coffee / tea

The Bakkerswerkplaats on Katendrecht
Our bread comes from the Bakkerswerkplaats where people who are socially or intellectually limited learn the finer points of the baker’s craft. Talented people who cannot handle the pressure of normal work or work just a little slower.

Bread from the Bakkerswerkplaats is not only delicious, but by purchasing is, the Pub boat also contributes to opportunities fort his team of exceptional bakers.

The best CROQUET

We are deeply sorry that the tastiest Veal croquettes and shrimp croquettes come out of Amsterdam! But they are too tasty to keep them from you.

The Veal croquettes have been part of the Holtkamp range since 1969. They have been refined over the years, but their basis has remained the same. The shrimp croquettes were added at the end of the 1980s at the request of cafe Luxembourg in Amsterdam. The shrimp croquette even gained national fame. The famous Holtkamp croquettes are an original Holtkamp product, but they did not do it alone. They owe a lot to the taste advice from culinary journalist as: Johannes van Dam, top chef John Halvemaan and liqueur maker Cees van Wees.

The fine breadcrumb layer around the croquettes and the full filling makes it unique in its kind. This provides a very special taste experience.

Minimum number of participants:

Are you with fewer than 25 people?
Look at the available dates under 'Single Cruises'.

1 and 1,5 hour on request
2 hours €48,00 p.p.
2,5 hours € 54,00 p.p.
3 hours €59,00 p.p.
3,5 hours €64,00 p.p.
4 hours €73,00 p.p.
5 hours or more upon request

> Cup of seasonal soup € 5.00
> Holtkamp croquettes € 3.75 each

Group Discount
More than 40 pers 3,00 p.p.
More than 60 pers 4,50 p.p.

> Rent Pubboat
> Unlimited beer, wine, soda, Spa blue/red
> Coffee, Tea
> Very thick sandwiches

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