The fries barge of Uncle Aad

The fries barge of Uncle Aad
Searching for an exciting way of sailing through Rotterdam?

With a drink and a bite at hand you can enjoy the gigantic sky scrapers and the active Rotterdam harbors on Uncle Aad’s Pub boat. The only brown pub on the water where everything has been taken care of.

The atmosphere of the living room on the upper deck is enhanced by the pleasant pub music. And who can play the piano can take a seat on the piano stool to play their own music. Making music together is also possible with the standaard karaoke-set. On the tables are the typical brown pub rugs and, in addition to our standaard beverage range, we of course serve gin and ‘schippersbitter’ from Schiedam.

Holtkamp croquet

Holtkamp croquet
We are, of course, sorry that the tastiest veal croquettes and shrimp croquettes come from Amsterdam. But they are too tasty not to serve them!

The veal croquettes have been part of the Holtkamp assortment since 1969. They have been refined over the years, but the basis has remainede the same. The shrimp croquettes arrived at the end of the 1980s at the request of cafe Luxembourg in Amsterdam. The shrimp croquette has even gained national fame. The famous Holtkamp croquettes are an original Dutch Holtkamp product, but they have not done that alone. They owe a lot to the taste advice from culinary journalist Johannes van Dam, top chef John Halvemaan and liquer maker Cees van Wees.

The fine breadcrump layer around the croquettes and the full filling makes this unique in its kind and gives a very special taste experience.

Standard drink package
>White and red house wine
>Oranjeboom beer, Radler, Applecider
>Cola, Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Cassis, Bitterlemon, Tonic, stil land sparkling water
>Young gin

Luxurious drink package, addition €3,00 per person for the whole group
>White wine: Fleurant Trocken
>Beer: Weißen, IPA, Stout
>Ice tea regular, Ice tea green, Apple juice, Orange juice
>Boaters bitter (‘schippersbitter’), old gin

Minimum number of participants:
25 people

1 and 1,5 hours on request
2 hours €47,50 p.p.
2,5 hours €52,50 p.p.
3 hours €57,50 p.p.
3,5 hours €62,50 p.p.
4 hours €71,50 p.p.
5 hours or more on request

Group Discount
More than 40 people € 3,00 p.p.
More than 60 people € 4,50 p.p.

> Rent Pubboat
> Unlimited beer, wine, soda and spa blue/red
> Fries with beef stew
> Holtkamp croquet

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