The Hunt for the Borrelboat – Don’t miss the boat?

Look at hundreds of locations on the internet. Every year the question of where you will organize the annually Christmas drink. Sometimes it seems like there is no end to it!

But this year it is different!

The perfect location cannot simply be found on the internet. You have to look for it. This year you will be hunting for the Christmas drink! An afternoon and evening that you and your team won't soon forget.

Will you arrive at the drink location soon enough?!

What a tension such a race against the clock! By completing the assignments, you collect points to get to the final location, but watch out for the other team. They can just block your benefit. Are your combined skills good enough to take on eternal fame?! (and the first beer)

What can you expect from the chase?

You will gather in the center of the city after which you will receive a short explanation of the game, while enjoying a drink from the supervisor. The city is your battlefield for two hours, ready to discover. While reviewing the assignments, you make a strategy to implement most challenges as original as possible.

The sooner the assignments are completed, the more chance you have of being the first to arrive at the drink location. And where this is, is a total surprise! Via bonus assignments you will have the opportunity to answer all the questions. Does your technique work best?

As soon as the questions have been answered, the puzzle is blown. Is the answer correct? Then you will be sent a special boarding location. The tension rises when you run to the destination. Would the other team already be present? Nobody knows what surprise awaits you there.

Do you want to make the day complete?

Did you get hungry after the Santa Claus hunt? Combine the cruise with one of our festive meals on board.

Minimum number of participants:
25 people

1,5 hours €44,50 p.p.
2 hours €49,50 p.p.
2,5 hours €54,50 p.p.
3 hours €59,50 p.p.
3,5 hours €70,00 p.p.

- Santa Claus
- Game materials
- Reception with drink
- RIB-Experience transport to a party location
- Award ceremony including prizes
- View all photos taken during the game together
- Renting the pubboat
- Unlimited beer, wine, soft drinks, spa blue / red
- Fried Snacks
- Traditional Dutch 'Bitterballen'
- Cheese and sausage platter
- Pretzels

Liever geen RIB-Experience?
€5,- korting p.p.

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