Boosters: Everything you need for a perfect trip

Step aboard our pub boat in Rotterdam and make your experience even more complete with our sparkly Boosters! We have a range of fantastic expansions to make your trip even more special. Be surprised by our delicious Ola ice creams or challenge your friends or colleagues to a fun pub quiz on board, full of laughter and competition. Our boosters are designed to take your experience to the next level and give you an unforgettable time. Choose from our varied selection of fun, food and luxury. Our boosters can be booked on all reservation pages of our packages, you select them as an extra option.

Fun boosters

Foto van bingokaarten.

Tour Extension

5,- Per person
  • First half hour €5,- p.p.
  • Every following half hour €9,- p.p.
  • The tours can maximum be as long as 3,5 hours
Foto van bingokaarten.

Jo's Bingo

10,00 Per person
  • Unique entertainmentervaring on the water
  • Competition with friends or family
  • Exclusive prices for winners


22,50 From per person
  • Adrenaline-pumping experience at sea
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Chooese between: 10 or 15 minutes

Aad's Pub Quiz

17,50 Per person
  • Interactive and entertaining Pub Quiz
  • Fun and competition in one
  • Enrich your evening with challenges

Food boosters

Verse friet van Friet@Katendrecht.

Fresh fries from @Katendrecht

4,50 Per person
  • Crispy and artisan fries
  • An irresistible treat
  • Including various sauces
Zelfgemaakte pincho's.


2,75 Apiece
  • Spanish appetizers
  • Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere
  • Advice: 3 pieces per person
Heerlijke tomatensoep.

Fresh soup

5,00 Per person
  • Warming bowl of soup for comfort
  • A spoonful of happiness in every bite
  • Seasonal soup

Croquette with your meal

2,75 Per person
  • Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside
  • A real Dutch classic that always tastes good
  • An irresistibly tasty extra
Ola magnums.

Ola Ice cream cart

3,50 Per person
  • Cooling treat from our Ola ice cream cart
  • A refreshing highlight on the water
  • Choose from of all Ola ice cream

Luxury boosters

Sparkling wines

Reception with bubbles

5,50 Per person
  • Get your tour off to a bubbly start
  • Welcome your guests in style with a glass of sparkling wine
  • Be surprised by a magical bubble experience
  • Also alcohol free on request
Borrelboot voor Hotel New York

Something else? Share your wish with us!

??,?? From per person
  • Unique experience in Rotterdam
  • Extra outings or souvenirs?
  • Reach out for more information!