Uncle Aad's
Dinner Burgers


You can combine the burgers below in the reservation form. Minimum of 5 per type.

Vegetarian burger

An Oyster mushroom burger in Uncle Aad's style. Do you have a big appetite? We added fresh fries from Friet@Katendrecht.

“That’s exactly what I’m looking for!” said Jo. “No legs at all.” We looked at each other and I knew exactly what she meant. A quick visit to the supermarket later, I stepped onto with a beaming face. “What do you think of this my dear?” I said teasingly with the grocery bags still in my hands. While looking at the glowing grill, I tried to keep Jo’s curious hands out of the bag. Forty minutes later I presented a burger which she looked at with some doubts. “Just try it, you’re going to really like it.” She ate the burger in disbelief. ‘And?’. “Delightful Aad! Thank you.” she said with some embarrassment on her face. “We should let others try this.”

Vegetarian burger

65,- Per Person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Brioche burger bun with;
  • Butterhead lettuce
  • Tomato, onion relish, pickle
  • Burger sauce
  • Cheddar
  • 'Gro oyster mushroom burger'
  • Fresh fries from Friet@Katendrecht
  • Unlimited drinks

Beef burger

Simply tasty. A wonderfully dirty, juicy, tender burger! It’s mouth watering just thinking about it. The best part is that I have never met a person in the world who could not enjoy a good burger. Whether it came from a animal on 4 or no legs, a burger never disappoints.

With the beef burger burgeryou will be given the choice of a beef burger or chicken burger in advance. Are there guests in your party who prefer a vegetarian burger? Then make sure to try our vegetarian option!

Beef burger

65,- Per Person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Burger à la Uncle Aad
  • Beef burger from Kwaliteitsslagerij de Groene Zoom
  • Iceberg/crisphead lettuce
  • Tomato, pickle, onion
  • Ketchup and mayonnaise
  • With or without cheese
  • Fresh fries from Friet@Katendrecht
  • Unlimited drinks

50% for the environment burger

In the 50%-for-the-environment burger, half of the meat is used compared to normally. The luxury burger is topped with truffle mayonnaise and Old Amsterdam for extra spice.

“But what if we find someone that combines it?” Jo said with a sparkle in her eye. A burger we can enjoy together. A little bit of you and a little bit of me. That must be easy to find, right?’.

That research question was exactly what we needed. With Jo, my cheerful detective on the laptop. And myself visiting all the butchers, we ended up with the Gro Blended Burger. With 50% oyster mushrooms and 50% tender beef. The perfect intermediate step to start making a difference.

50% for the environment burger

65,- Per person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Brioche burger bun with;
  • Butterhead lettuce
  • Tomato, onion relish, pickle
  • Truffle mayonnaise
  • Old Amsterdam
  • 'Gro blended burger'
  • Fresh fries from Friet@Katendrecht
  • Unlimited drinks
All our packages are always all-inclusive:
Pub boat cruise,
unlimited drinks, mixed nuts 
Feel free to tip the crew
The following drinks are included in each package by default:
White wine (dry and sweet), rose, red wine,
Oranjeboom lager, Cola, Cola light, Sprite, Casis, Fanta, Bitterlemon, Tonic, Ice tea regular, Icetea green, still and sparkling water.
Group discount over standard prices
More than 45 people: 10% discount
More than 55 people: 15% discount

The discount is calculated over the price of the boat rent and the drinks. The price can vary per package. You don’t get a discount on the food.

The Juciest cruise in Rotterdam!

You will of experience the most enjoyable cruise through Rotterdam at Uncle Aad’s! The tour takes you along the banks of the Nieuwe Maas to the east, where we turn at De Kuip. We navigate west through the city center with its formidable high-rise buildings to the Rotterdam ports. In these working ports we sail close to the large seagoing vessels, while you enjoy a drink and a hamburger with possibly some fries.

The burger boats are available all year round with burgers consisting of organic meat from our quality butcher, a half beef half oyster mushroom burger or a full oyster mushroom burger. A fully organized trip of at least 2 hours through the ports of Rotterdam including drinks.

Would you like to try all burgers or partial vegetarian and beef? No problem, all packages can be combined together within the group. Feel free to let us know in advance how many of which type is desired, and we will wait with the BBQ already turned on.


Step aboard our pub boat in Rotterdam and make your experience even more complete with our sparkly Boosters! We have a range of fantastic expansions to make your trip even more special.
CITYGAME: The pub hunt!

If you want to play a fun retro game in Rotterdam, without chasing an iPad, and at the end have a nice drink with some cheese and bitterballen in a typical Rotterdam establishment or on the pub boat, the Pub hunt is the right game. In this game you go from one location to another on foot. While searching for the typical Rotterdam locations you get to know the city in a different way. But don’t stand still for too long, because the team that finds the secret pub location first wins!

What you will do
Each team chooses where to go based on a global map. At each location you will be confronted with a question related to where you are standing. The answer to the question must be entered in a riddle. The more answers the easier it becomes to unravel the slogan. Each letter of the slogan has its own number. Those numbers in turn need to be unraveled into a final coordinate by means of a formula; the pub location.

Game duration
Approximately 2.5 hours (including start-up). The award ceremony will take place afterwards while enjoying a drink at a cozy (and to be kept secret until the end) final location. Drink is not included.


The Pub hunt is played in the center of Rotterdam.

Questions and assignments, GPS and instructions.

On request, ask your events manager for more information.