Uncle Aad's Pub Cruise


Aunt Jo likes a drink after work or for fun with family and friends. That is why we offer a nice 5 o'clock drink with the tastiest bites you can find in every Dutch pub.

Veggies and hot Vegan Snack's

The Veggie and Vegan is specially composed to meet everyone's wishes. All the meat may have been removed, but the alternatives are certainly just as tasty! Supplemented with various vegetables, pieces of cheese and extensive snacks, you are completely ready to go.

The fried snacks and cheese sticks are indispensable with a good drink. So when Jo went vegetarian we came up with a nice substitute that would work for both of us.

Although I’m a big fan of vegetables, I don’t feel like eating a carrot with a beer. Of course, an alternative to my deep fry preference had to be added of course. That’s how we found that classic dutch “Bitterballen” filled with oyster mushroom exist. These should of course not be missed! Now Jo has her hummus dip and I have my balls. Best of both worlds.

Veggie and Vegan Snack Platter

52,50 Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • 2 types of Dutch cheese, pickles, Amsterdam onions and olives
  • Appetizer platter with oyster mushroom bitterballen, cheese sticks and springrolls
  • Vegies with hummus dip
  • Unlimited drinks
  • First half hour extra €5,- p.p. Every following half hours €9,- p.p.

The Rotterdam Snack Platter

I still think about the days as a little boy, my mother sending me to the farmer by bike to get fresh cheese. Always for special occasions such as parties or birthdays. As soon as I got home, the house was already filled with the smell of fried food and a pleasant commotion of chatting friends and relatives. I still think about them yesterday, so I want to share them with you. The snack boards that my mother always puts on the table are the basis for every good get-together. That tradition is continued on the pub boat.

The Rotterdam Snack Platter consists of traditional Dutch snack boards filled with pieces of cheese, sausage and pickles, supplemented with an extensive snack. The salts and nuts are scattered throughout the boat. A complete package including all drinks. All you have to do is enjoy the journey.

Rotterdam Snack Platter

47,50 Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • Typical dutch snack's: 2 types of farmer's cheese, fuêt with pickle's and Amsterdam onions
  • Appetizer platter with beef bitterballen, cheese sticks, bami snack, chicken nugget, vlammetjes and frikandel
  • Mixed nuts
  • Unlimited drinks
  • First half hour extra €5,- p.p. Every following half hours €9,- p.p.

Rotterdam Luxury Snack Platter

The luxury Rotterdam Snack Platter consists of a wide variety of Dutch, Mediterranean and Canadian snacks. The bites are spread throughout the boat as finger food on all tables. This way you can enjoy it all.

Traditional Dutch “Bitterballen” and cheese boards were taught to me when I was young, but years later I learned that the world has so much more snacks to offer. For example, I was surprised by Mediterranean dolmas from Greece, the great diversity of canned delicacies from Canada.. What could be more fun than continuing to be amazed by the flavors that are very common all over the world. That is what makes this so special.

Rotterdam Luxury Snack Platter

55 Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • Dutch luxury cheese and cold cuts
  • Tray with pâté of sardines (ortiz) with sauces and crostinis, dolmas, balea mussels and olives and crackers
  • Reception with a glass of delicious Cava
  • Unlimited drinks
  • First half hour extra €5,- p.p. Every following half hours €9,- p.p.
All our packages are always all-inclusive:
Pub boat cruise,
unlimited drinks, mixed nuts 
Feel free to tip the crew
The following drinks are included in each package by default:
White wine (dry and sweet), rose, red wine,
Oranjeboom lager, Cola, Cola light, Sprite, Casis, Fanta, Bitterlemon, Tonic, Ice tea regular, Icetea green, still and sparkling water.
Group discount over standard prices
More than 45 people: 10% discount
More than 55 people: 15% discount

The discount is calculated over the price of the boat rent and the drinks. The price can vary per package. You don’t get a discount on the food.

The Most Enjoyable cruise through Rotterdam!

The most delicious Pinchos for an extensive snack platter

Enjoy the dilicious pinchos Uncle Aad serves, not only incredibly tasty, filling the entire table with beautiful colors and exude a luxury that immediately makes you hungry. With combinations from all cultures, you can bring the whole world on board through this serving platter.

The different bites that will stimulate all your taste buds:

  • Manchego with quince
  • Smoked salmon with caviar
  • Truffle egg
  • Caprese
  • Parma ham with tomato tapenade
  • Chorizo with muhammara
  • Crab salad with dill
  • Fuet with hummus

From 50 pinchos (€2.75 p.s.) you can topup your cruise with these beautiful delicacies.


Step aboard our pub boat in Rotterdam and make your experience even more complete with our sparkly Boosters! We have a range of fantastic expansions to make your trip even more special.