Frequently Asked Questions


We can receive up to 75 people. Group bookings can be made from a minimum of 25 people.

Unlimited beer, wine & soft drinks with dinner, lunch and drinks options or coffee/tea, orange juice, apple juice, milk and water  at ​​breakfast.

Music lists are played. You can also choose to play your own music during the tour. Options for DJs or other entertainment is possible. Please check with your event manager.

Yes. You can connect to it with an HDMI connection.

No, unfortunately Uncle Aad’s Pub boat is not exactly wheelchair friendly. You have to climb 3 steps to get to the aft deck.

If you or someone in your party is in a wheelchair, please let them contact us. With some exceptions, we can make adjustments to make access easier.

Parking and Public transport

The nearest parking garages are parking garage De Boompjes & parking garage Erasmusbrug.
You can also park anywhere on the street in Rotterdam. The costs are relatively high. If you are coming from the north and you want to get to our location by car, don’t go through the city. This often takes 45-60 minutes. Always drive over the ring and take the road over street called Boompjes. Turn right just before the Brienenoordbrug.

Metro stop Leuvehaven: 1 min walk
Metro stop Beurs: 6 min walk
(This only applies to our standard departure location at Leuvehoofd, Rotterdam)

Leuvehaven Tram line 8, Tram line 12, Tram line 20, Tram line 23, Tram line 25
(This only applies to our standard departure location Leuvehoofd, Rotterdam)

P&R: Parking and traveling with public transport is easiest if you come to Rotterdam for a whole day. Parking at an P&R is free as long as you travel with public transport. Everywhere along the ring you will find parking garages from where the metro, tram or bus have a direct connection to the city center. The easiest to go to are metro stop Kralingen en metro stop Slinge.

Prohibited on Uncle Aad's Pubcruise

If you or your guests decorate the boat with confetti, € 150 cleaning costs will be charged.

No form of drug use is allowed on board of Uncle Aad’s Pub boat. If our crew sees or suspects drug use, they are authorized to remove you from the board.

We are aware that it is allowed to drink a lot with our open bar. We do want to ask you to handle this in a responsible manner.

If our crew is harassed or the guests are disrespectful to the ship or its personnel than our crew is authorized at all times to immediately bring the persons causing problems back to shore and remove them from the ship. Even if you do not agree with this yourself.

Do you have any questions that are not listed here? Feel free to mail or call us.