Uncle Aad's
Sandwiches and Salads

Salad Bar

With 3 different carbs, 3 different basic salads, 4 dressings and 16 toppings, Tante Jo's salad bar is the most extensive salad buffet on the water. With all these delicacies, there is something for everyone. Adaptable to any dietary preference.

It didn’t take Jo long to convince me that salads aren’t just for people on a diet. So many different flavors, dressings and toppings that you can keep surprising yourself over and over again. My favorite dressing is the honey/mustard. Personally I think it makes any salad taste good, but if you ask Jo she would have too many to choose from. She can prepare something completely different every day! I’m curious if you can show us new combinations.

Salad Bar

57,50 Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • The carbs; pesto pasta salad, bulgur, creamy potato salad
  • The base; mixed salad, mesclum, arugula
  • 14 different toppings
  • 4 different dressings
  • Unlimited drinks

Generous Sandwich Lunch

Done with those thinly topped sandwiches? In the end, it’s all about what’s on the bun, right? A slice of cheese with a little butter is not enough for me, that’s why I introduce to you my Generous Sandwich lunch. Fresh crusty bread from the bakery, filled with nice and thick layers of the finest products.

The Generous Sandwich Lunch consists of 7 different types of sandwiches. Ranging from the well-known "broodje gezond" in Ome Aad's fashion to tuna salad with asparagus sprouts. The lunch is composed in such a way that you do not have to worry about different dietary requirements.

Generous Sandwich Lunch

62,50 Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • Fresh bread from the baker, topped with:
  • Ham / cheese / egg / lettuce
  • Tuna salad / asparagus sprouts / arugula
  • Crab salad / Dutch shrimp
  • Goat cheese / honey / arugula
  • Mozzarella / sun-dried tomato / pesto
  • Hummus / grilled vegetables
  • Surinamese egg salad / arugula
  • Unlimited drinks​

Mediterranean Temptation

The Mediterranean package is based on 3 alternating rounds. Soup of to the season, fresh salads and Italian toast with delicious Italian products. Lunch will be throughout the cruise, so you can enjoy it all.

In Italy, eating a sandwich is something they don’t do much. Arriving in Porto di Napoli I was met by a family who took the cabin boys like myself under their wing before we left for the next port. All day long, the women dabbled in the kitchen to put wonderful meals on the table for the guests. Don’t think you could leave anything on your plate! As soon as your plate was empty, it was immediately refilled. “You will eat!”, they said. The following package is also this wonderful meal. An extensive Italian lunch with a Dutch twist.

Mediterranean Temptation

62,50 From Per Person
  • 2 hour cruise
  • *Seasonal Soup
  • *Seasonal Salad
  • Fresh bread from the baker, topped with:
  • Italian ham / parmesan cheese / balsamic vinegar / arugula
  • Tuna salad / asparagus sprouts
  • Caprese; mozzarella / tomato / pesto / arugula
  • Unlimited drinks​
All our packages are always all-inclusive:
Pub boat cruise,
unlimited drinks, mixed nuts 
Feel free to tip the crew
The following drinks are included in each package by default:
White wine (dry and sweet), rose, red wine,
Oranjeboom lager, Cola, Cola light, Sprite, Casis, Fanta, Bitterlemon, Tonic, Ice tea regular, Icetea green, still and sparkling water.
Group discount over standard prices
More than 45 people: 10% discount
More than 55 people: 15% discount

The discount is calculated over the price of the boat rent and the drinks. The price can vary per package. You don’t get a discount on the food.

The barliest cruise in Rotterdam!


Step aboard our pub boat in Rotterdam and make your experience even more complete with our sparkly Boosters! We have a range of fantastic expansions to make your trip even more special.

The lunch tours of Uncle Aad are very popular in the city for a reason. Whether you’re enjoying a salad on board or spoiling yourself with the extensive Generous Sandwich Lunch, Uncle Aad knows exactly what you want. During lunch we take you on a journey along all the sights of the city. Under the Erasmus Bridge, on the look out for Hotel New York. Of course, this also includes the industrial ports with its large tankers and immense platforms.

The pleasant music makes the trip complete. Of course you are also invited to play the DJ yourself, or to bring one with you. Would you like to give a themed lunch? That is certainly possible too!

De Bakkerswerkplaats

Did you know? The bread from the Bakkerswerkplaats is not just made by your everyday baker. It is baked by talented people who cannot keep up in a normal, busy working environment. The Bakkerswerkplaats is a safe place for people with a distance to the labor market. In this way, this social enterprise gives everyone a chance to develop themselves and to grow into a fully-fledged future colleague.