Uncle Aad's BBQ boat

No meat nor fish BBQ

The No-Meat-Nor-Fish package includes an extensive BBQ buffet. Three different salads, grilled vegetables, sate and burgers. To think that you can also order it all year round!

I can still hear her say it. “We’ve got everything Aad! This will be the first barbecue without meat or fish!’

Jo stood proud as a peacock with a bag full of vegetables in her hands. “This is going to be a party Aad! No more legs needed for barbecuing. I can’t believe this was in 2017. How fast those years go.

No meat nor fish BBQ

80,- Per person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Gro oyster mushroom burger
  • Bratwurst from the vegetarian butcher
  • Vegetarian satay
  • Pasta salad
  • Curry potato/egg salad
  • Green salad
  • Baguette with herb butter
  • Satay sauce
  • Unlimited drinks

Classic Dutch camping BBQ

Who else is in for a tradition? As soon as the sun returns in the Netherlands, the first Dutch people do is gathering all the equipment for a fantastic barbecue. Salads, sausages, satay, baguette with herb butter and of course ice cold beer!

You will find people all in the Netherlands baking or roasting in the backyard, in the park or on the balcony. No matter who you talk to, they will all have the same experience. The whole boat full of family, colleagues and friends. Everybody has been enjoying barbecueing on the pub boat for years. Even after so many hours at sea, I would like to be there all the time.

The Classic Dutch camping BBQ is filled with all the ingredients you need for a real traditional barbecue! Salads, chicken, meat, baguette and an ice cold beer! The music is on on the aft deck and everyone dancing inside.

Classic Dutch camping BBQ

82,50 Per Person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Organic Chicken Satay​
  • Beef burger
  • BBQ sausage
  • Chicken shaslick with bell pepper and onion
  • Baguette
  • Butter and herb butter
  • Various sauces
  • Artisanal potato, pasta and green salad
  • Unlimited drinks

Argentinian BBQ

The Argentinian BBQ consists of a BBQ filled with only the best of best. Beautiful pieces of meat, prawns on a skewer, all served from the barbecue.

Even I have to admit that, no matter how tasty the burgers are, nothing can compete with a beautiful piece of bavette. The first time I encountered this was in Argentina.

If you haven’t been there yet, you can certainly try it here. Never in the world have I met people that cook a lot of meat; the Argentinians! Those thinly sliced slices, fresh off the grill, sprinkled with some coarse sea salt. As they say there: ‘Argentinian meat doesn’t just taste like meat, but like meat with love!’.

Argentinian BBQ

92,50 Per Person
  • 2.5 hour cruise
  • Organic Chicken Satay
  • Bavette
  • Prawns on skewers
  • Lamb chops
  • Curry potato/egg salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Baguette
  • Green salad
  • Herb Butter
  • Satay sauce
  • Unlimited drinks
All our packages are always all-inclusive:
Pub boat cruise,
unlimited drinks, mixed nuts 
Feel free to tip the crew
The following drinks are included in each package by default:
White wine (dry and sweet), rose, red wine,
Oranjeboom lager, Cola, Cola light, Sprite, Casis, Fanta, Bitterlemon, Tonic, Ice tea regular, Icetea green, still and sparkling water.
Group discount over standard prices
More than 45 people: 10% discount
More than 55 people: 15% discount

The discount is calculated over the price of the boat rent and the drinks. The price can vary per package. You don’t get a discount on the food.


Step aboard our pub boat in Rotterdam and make your experience even more complete with our sparkly Boosters! We have a range of fantastic expansions to make your trip even more special.

Biological Meat

We get our meat from the South of Rotterdam at quality butcher shop De Groene Zoom. They ensure that the meat we serve is of excellent quality. All animals can free range and are free of all kinds of medication. The Aerlande free-range beef and Porc au Grain free-range pork, meat with the taste of the past! The meat is 100% free of antibiotics and other additives that do not belong in honest and delicious meat.
They have also opted for the Dutch crown chicken. Because these chickens grow up naturally with no superfluous additives, the taste is old-fashioned good! Chicken the way chicken should taste. Real chicken with the full flavor from grandmother’s time.
Foto van koeien van de Groene Zoom
Foto van varkens van de Groene Zoom