After Sail: Culture Trip

Enter the world of culture, museums and relaxation with After Sail, a unique combination in Rotterdam! Start your adventure with extensive relaxation on our Pub boat (a true museum itself), after which you can immerse yourself in the cultural highlights of Rotterdam. Step into a new world with Remastered, take a step back in time at the Maritime Museum or see Rotterdam from a different perspective than you are used to with the Euromast. This is a perfect combination of tranquillity and exploration.

Interieur Remastered Museum Rotterdam

Drinks & Revive

72,- Per person
Foto van activiteit in het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Enjoy a maritime atmosphere

65,- Per person
Foto van de Euromast vanaf beneden in Rotterdam

High-level toasting

60,- Per person
Foto van de RIB-experience Rotterdam die over het water scheert

Bingeing after adrenaline

87,- From, per person

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About our partners

Interieur Remastered Museum Rotterdam

At Remasted you experience what you have never experienced before. The old Dutch Masters reimagined by the new Dutch Masters. The very best Dutch digital artists have created a new world. A world where you go on parade with the unearthly creatures of Jeroen Bosch, get immersed in the colourful scenes of Van Gogh and dance on the beat of Mondrian’s ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’.

This unique 60-minute experience also includes walking through a waterfall, making your own UFO fly on a gigantic LED Screen, interacting with schools of fish and sailing through the clouds.

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam makes the often invisible maritime world
more visible and tells a wide audience the surprising story of
its present, past and future, and its influence on our society. Whether you are a lover of history, technology, or simply want to enjoy the intriguing world of ships and seas, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam offers an unforgettable journey through the maritime world, from past to present and beyond, and shows how this world has permanently shaped our society. A visit to this museum is like diving into the depths of the ocean, where you will always discover something new and exciting.

Foto van activiteit in het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
Foto van de Euromast vanaf beneden in Rotterdam

Imagine yourself floating above the Rotterdam skyline, like a modern urban adventurer with the world at their feet. That is exactly the feeling you get when you visit the Euromast.

Discover Rotterdam from a height of 185 meters! With the Euromast you will be prepared for a ride to the top with a light show and exciting music! As they take you to the highest point in this revolving glass elevator, enjoy the fantastic views and listen to stories about the city.

Discover the excitement of RIB sailing in Rotterdam with RIB-Experience Rotterdam! Step aboard one of our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of a great adventure on the beautiful Maas where you will see all the cultural highlights from the water.

Our tours in Rotterdam offer a journey of discovery that you will remember for a while. The wind blowing through your hair, you sail past the iconic Erasmus Bridge and admire the historical treasures of the city. The view of Rotterdam’s breathtaking skyline from the water will amaze you, and at speeds of up to 100 km/h you will feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins.

It’s an adventure that will show you the city in a whole new way, with a dose of excitement and thrills that you can only experience on the water.

Foto van de RIB-experience voor de SS Rotterdam